Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Spring in Logan

Jess and I love this time of year. Our cherry trees are blooming white blossoms, I get to play and work in the yard, and Bella gets to chase the squirrels rather than be locked up inside. We are looking forward to great BBQs with friends and family, fun road and camping trips. I look forward to biking at least twice a week, and climbing. I just need to find a new climbing pal since Jer and Steph have moved to Washington.

I have been working on a couple of projects outside. I built a small rock wall as a landscape feature to give a pile of dirt that was sitting there a better look. I put some weed barrier down and laid new soil and gravel, almost like a zen garden kinda feel in another flower bed. Jess and I were given a truck load of bark that really made the yard and dirt flower beds look "finished". Although we know nothing is never finished with me. 

I am on the hunt for ceramic colorful tile for my fire pit. I made a promise to myself to finish it this year. So if anyone knows where to get colorful tile for cheep or leftovers for free, please let me know. I am also looking forward to my second year as a gardener. Last year was a hard rookie season, I need to redeem myself. If anyone has easy gardening tips let me know. 

Jess has been busy on the inside of our home while I have been outside. She always comes up with great ideas to make our little house look fresh and fun. Even though she does spend a lot of time "pinning", most of her ideas are Jess Watts' originals. She is pretty crafty and creative. We try to help each other out when it comes to their designated areas. I'll help clean inside every now and then, and she helps me outside too. When we put our heads together we make a pretty good team. 

She used this old blue shelf my dad made that was hanging up in my parents old house as a nice little place to put or pictures from all our trips. She decided where it went and I hung it. We love plants, I think we picked it up from Marilyn and Andi over time, a house with really great flowers out just adds a little something. We mainly have Orchids and succulents, they are really cool looking and really easy to keep alive. Outside she painted this old grey pot to a nice cool blue color, she cleaned up our window boxes and planted nice flowers. 

Jess has been super busy at Immaculate, they are building lots of homes and that mean Jess needs to constantly be changing plans, picking materials, and in some cases designing entire homes. She is pretty amazing at what she does. I just need to keep her busy so I can find more time to bike, golf, climb, camp, and play hockey.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Mucho Para Compartir

Well Hello,

It's been along time since either of us have shared what's new in our lives but, maybe that is because nothing much has changed. We are still working hard, enjoying great times with family and friends, traveling when we can, reading good books, and enjoying new TV series.

Jessica has been working hard at Serendipity as well as Immaculate homes. She truly has an amazing talent for design work and has been working hard on many projects here in the valley. Immaculate should be grateful they have someone so talented and hardworking.

I have also been staying busy trying to increase my professional financial planning business. I work with amazing people and am glad to be in a profession that truly helps individuals, families, and businesses fulfill and reach their financial goals. I can honestly say that the work and plans I have helped people create and implement are life changing. I am pretty proud of that.

It's been a little gloomy and cold here in Logan. When it's cold and grey outside Jess and I love to make good food and play fun games with friends till the late hours of the night, but we have noticed lately we have just been cuddled up together some nights watching our TV shows.


We have great friends here in Logan that we try to spend a lot of time with, but we do miss Jer & Steph, Dev & Nikki, Bouk & Hailey, Dave & Becca, and now Tom & Lauren while they are in South America. We miss you all and all the fun we had Together. Ticket to Ride isn't that fun with just Jess and I. Luckily we have downloaded the iPhone app and play with Chuck and Amy online.

The one good thing with friends moving away is that we have free places to stay. I really look forward to traveling east to stay with Jackson and Celest in North Carolina or Dave and Becca in DC. We really wanted to make it out to China to visit Bouk and Haley, but Sam had to steal our week with them and go propose over there, I mean Geez. We are trying hard to plan for another trip with Bouk and Haley. Mexico was a blast with them and they are always fun to be with. Here is a little pic from our Mexico trip with Bouk and Hailey with some friends we met form New Orleans.

As for the TV shows we are addicted to...there is a lot, but they are all amazing. We love Breaking Bad, Walt and Jesse are amazing. Season 4 was terrific and left me excited for season 5. We like Walking Dead, Idon't really know why. Homeland, cool plot, good acting, and good surprise. We love going to eat sushi with Marilyn & Dave on Wednesdays then going to their house to watch Modern Family. Sherlock on BBC is my new favorite.

Benedict Cumberbatch is terrific, the dialog is fantastic. We also like New Girl, just because of Zooey. These are just the good ones. We won't mention the other shows we are addicted to for
fear of embarrassment and shame.

The problem is all the good shows are on the same season cycle, so we had to think of someway to pass the time, so we booked a relaxing cruise. We were able to spend 2 days in Miami, which is an awesome

city. If you have the chance to go there make sure you go to Joe's Stone Crabs (thanks for the recommendation Jer). Don't order anything but the stone crab. Also make it to CVI.CHE in downtown Miami, amazing Peruvian style seafood and Ceviche dishes, great ambiance too.

After Miami we had an amazing trip with NCL cruise line. I'm telling you cruises are not a bad way to travel. I always thought I would hate a cruise, because I've always been someone who likes setting up shop in one location and exploring that location to the fullest. I really enjoyed the cruise. Great beaches, great activities always going on the boat, great food that's served all the time, it was just a good time with my wonderful wife. It was very relaxing, not having to worry about where to go, how to get there, were to eat and what to do, like other vacations we have done together. It was just relaxing. I had time to finish a great book too.

I had heard so many things about the "Hunger Games", and Jess kept telling me how excited she is for the movie, so I finally read it. It was a great book. I was
carrying my book with me everywhere and I usually don't do that with books. Jess was even mad because I was reading at the dinner table. It was an entertaining book, now I need to start the next one in the series. Jess also finished her book called "The Postcard Killers" written by James Patterson and Liza Marklund. She also enjoyed her book, but she did mention how it was kinda scary to read a book about murderers that killed couples while they were on vacation. That had me wondering what would happen to someone who did commit a crime on a crew ship? Seems like a movie could be made about that.

We are back on dry land and life is good. Unfortunately we came back to Logan when all the snow fell this year. We are thankful for the moisture and the fun time I was able to have with the Woods snowmobiling up the canyon yesterday. We are looking forward to the Spring and all the adventures that await us this year.

Monday, October 31, 2011

BeWaRe of ZomBies!!!!

I hope you are all still alive! See you at the safe house!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Posting from my phone

Pretty cool! Just added the blogger app and wanted to try it out.

Monday, August 22, 2011

What to expect when you're....

NOT expecting....


- All of your friends, close relatives, celebrities, random strangers all to be expecting

- Unexpected outbursts of tears in public places do to spotting such gestating females or small infants

- Increased fighting with the husband keeping you from expecting

- Increased desire to hold, squeeze, stare at, or steal other people's babies

- Sudden yearnings to nuzzle, swaddle, and rock small animals

- Frequent urges to punch almost every single person in relief society from the constant baby update

- Headaches, overeating, depression, mood swings , did I mention crying?

- you know....the works!

See your doctor if you have any of these symptoms

 (most likely he can't fix it for you, but at least you'll feel like someone is pretending to listen to you)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Proud of Jess!

Everyone needs to find time to head over to the Tippets Gallery at USU to see the senior exhibit for the interior design students. Now all the graduating seniors have impressive work displayed, but one stands out above the rest.
I am so proud of my beautiful and smart wife and the hard work and long nights she has dedicated to graduating this May with a bachelors in interior design. I loved watching her work on all her projects and see her create amazing designs and spaces. She has so much talent and drive to complete such a difficult major. She truly is the one with the brains in our marriage. She is graduating Suma Cum Laude and received an Outstanding Senior Award in her graduating class.
I am jealous of her and how she always knew what she wanted to do and study in college. That is something that I still have not been able to pin point in my life.
I have entered into sales because I knew that when I convinced Jess to marry me I had a true skill. I enjoy what I do, but while watching Jess design furniture, homes, corporate headquarters, and other incredible areas I have found a true appreciation for the arts and design.
I look up to her so much! She has taught me so many things, and even after spending long nights at the studio she still finds time to work hard at Serendipity, spend some time with me, and make me smile. I cannot wait for her to graduate so instead of long nights at the studio, we can have date nights in SLC, camping trips to amazing landscapes, cuddle on our couch, and embark upon many other journeys! It's scary for her to think of what comes next after school, I was there at one point too. It will be a new thing for her to just be able and enjoy the moment rather than always having in the back of your mind due dates and check lists of what needs to be done for class projects.
It will be an adventurous and interesting time for us, but I am totally exited to see how it unfolds!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

This is my wonderful husband...

And today is his Birthday!!!

Yes..this will be cheesy, but here we go.

26 Reasons I'm happy to be stuck with this goofball forever:

1. He's hilarious. Makes me laugh everyday!

2. So handsome!

3. I love his creative choice of clothing and style.
4. Super hard-working.

5. Always going. He's like the energizer bunny.
6. Havasupai Falls proposal.
7. Mexico Anniversary, Brazil Christmas. Loves to travel!

8. Early to bed, early to know the rest. He lives by this!
9. He treats me like a queen and let's me buy more shoes than anyone normal person should have.
10. Little surprises, at random times.

11. He's such a good cuddler.

12. Let's me put my freezing cold feet on him when I get into bed to warm them up.
13. Everyone loves him. Such a people person.

14. His willingness to try new things.
15. Always up for an adventure.

16. Patiently taught me to love rock climbing.
17. Athletic and super fit.

18. Always entertaining. Magic tricks, jokes, name it...he does it.
19. His creative Halloween costumes.

20. Love for the outdoors.

21. His fabulous cooking skills! Seriously...he's so good.
22. Positive attitude. Even in the worst situations...he helps me be positive.
23. Is adorable with kids and will one day be an awesome dad!

24. Has an amazing testimony of the gospel.
25. Honors his priesthood.

and last but not least.....

26. He treats me like the most important person in his world and I couldn't ask for anything more!

Thanks for all you do for me! You're the best husband and I love you!