Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Spring in Logan

Jess and I love this time of year. Our cherry trees are blooming white blossoms, I get to play and work in the yard, and Bella gets to chase the squirrels rather than be locked up inside. We are looking forward to great BBQs with friends and family, fun road and camping trips. I look forward to biking at least twice a week, and climbing. I just need to find a new climbing pal since Jer and Steph have moved to Washington.

I have been working on a couple of projects outside. I built a small rock wall as a landscape feature to give a pile of dirt that was sitting there a better look. I put some weed barrier down and laid new soil and gravel, almost like a zen garden kinda feel in another flower bed. Jess and I were given a truck load of bark that really made the yard and dirt flower beds look "finished". Although we know nothing is never finished with me. 

I am on the hunt for ceramic colorful tile for my fire pit. I made a promise to myself to finish it this year. So if anyone knows where to get colorful tile for cheep or leftovers for free, please let me know. I am also looking forward to my second year as a gardener. Last year was a hard rookie season, I need to redeem myself. If anyone has easy gardening tips let me know. 

Jess has been busy on the inside of our home while I have been outside. She always comes up with great ideas to make our little house look fresh and fun. Even though she does spend a lot of time "pinning", most of her ideas are Jess Watts' originals. She is pretty crafty and creative. We try to help each other out when it comes to their designated areas. I'll help clean inside every now and then, and she helps me outside too. When we put our heads together we make a pretty good team. 

She used this old blue shelf my dad made that was hanging up in my parents old house as a nice little place to put or pictures from all our trips. She decided where it went and I hung it. We love plants, I think we picked it up from Marilyn and Andi over time, a house with really great flowers out just adds a little something. We mainly have Orchids and succulents, they are really cool looking and really easy to keep alive. Outside she painted this old grey pot to a nice cool blue color, she cleaned up our window boxes and planted nice flowers. 

Jess has been super busy at Immaculate, they are building lots of homes and that mean Jess needs to constantly be changing plans, picking materials, and in some cases designing entire homes. She is pretty amazing at what she does. I just need to keep her busy so I can find more time to bike, golf, climb, camp, and play hockey.